Monday, February 2, 2009

Scrapping space, better late than never

During our Jan. Challenge Megan asked us to post pictures of our scrapping space. Well I'm finally showing you mine. Paying bill, working on the computer, using the phone, stamping and scrapping all happen in this tiny spot. This is not a space to be proud of, but for now its all I've got. My supplies are stored here, there, and every where in any number of boxes and bags. I do have eight of those storage cubes in the living room, but you need to move some small furniture to access them.

We were discussing this very thing over the weekend. As it stands now we are planing to work on a crafting space upstairs this coming summer. I've heard this before so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The space I'll be using is presently an unheated, uninsulated storage room. We will need to tear everything out to the studs. I'm ready!!!


  1. Woohoo! So glad to finally see your space! Can't wait to see what your new space looks like! How cool will that be!

  2. how i would love to create a whole new space just for me! i think any space is perfect really, if it's just a desk and place for us to create, it's power :o)