Monday, January 12, 2009

Challenge - Day 12

Today was a sad day. My husbands Aunt Hazel past away and today was her funeral. See was a very special lady. One of those people that light up a room. She always had time for everyone and she had the most sparkly eyes and inviting smile. Aunt Hazel, we miss you already.

Life goes on....
Here is a page about our cat Squeeker ( yes, double e's). This time she's dry and happy, doing what cats do best - anything they want. When I'm spazzing out just having her sitting next to me purring does wonders for the old blood pressure. Ribbon and background paper are from Stampin' Up. The rest of the supplies are from swaps, manufacturers unknown.

Sorry about the poor photo quality. Almost didn't get this posted on time. Had computer connectivity issues. Working now, Yeah! :o) Twelve down, nineteen to go.


  1. Love it. Cats rule and dogs drool.

  2. very cute picture. Love how you did the journaling. Sorry to hear abour Dennis's Aunt passing.

  3. Great kitty page! I need to do an animal page one of these days of all of our "critters". :0)
    Your journaling is always so awesome!

  4. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. (((HUGS))) May her memories warm your heart.

    And I love the kitty cat layout!

  5. Love this. Cats crack me up. Ours get into some crazy places too.