Monday, January 26, 2009

Challenge - Day 26 Buttons

The first time I saw this paper it reminded me of outer space. So I had to use it with a couple of my eclipse pics. The paper is from Cloud9, the Rub-ons are from Stampin' Up. The buttons could be from anywhere. By the way, the next total lunar eclipse will be Dec. 21, 2010.

If you love old buttons you may want to check out Martha Stewart's Craft of the day for Jan. 25th. It's a button necklace.

Here is the link

Twenty-six down and only five to go.


  1. what amazing pictures, love the rings & buttons!!

  2. Great use of the buttons! Your pics are fantastic. You're so gonna have to teach me how to shoot at night like that. So inspiring!

  3. Those are fantastic pics...I need a night shoot session too! Love how you used the buttons.