Friday, January 23, 2009

Challenge - Day 23

Not much to say about today's layout except the photos were taken during various walks. The papers used were from Best occasions (Walmart). I chose papers with very little pattern so that the photos would stand out. The stickers are from Cloud 9. I used a little + sign in the middle, but I need to find a large"and" sign ( the kind that looks like a backwards 3).

Photos in the layout are much clearer than they appear. It's hard to tell but the papers used are black and gray.
Twenty-three down and eight to go.


  1. very cool, definately gotta see the pics in person, except you'll have to cover the "s" picture,ewe i already have goose bumps.

  2. I agree! Gotta see these in person! Love the one of the ground squirrels! So cute!

  3. Those are great pictures - love the little bunny pic!!