Friday, January 16, 2009

Challenge - Day 16

Today I've taken the easy way out. I knew I would be running short on time (this is club night at Christinas) so I did something super simple. While my club snack was in the oven I took one of those pre-cut kits and made twenty four 8x8 pages. The paper kit came from Wally World's clearance isle. Cheap cheap cheap. I'm thinking about giving them to my Mom, with an album, some letter stickers and embellishments. Maybe I can get her hooked on scrapbooking too.

Once again sorry about the poor photo. Indoor photography is not my thing, but let me outdoors and I do fine. Hopefully over the weekend I can get my projects done so I can photograph them in natural light.

Sixteen down and fifteen to go. We're on the down hill slide.