Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Challenge - Day 14

I really enjoyed doing today's pages. It was so much fun because the day these pics were taken we had a great time. It was great weather and so relaxing. So many of our days are busy busy. This day we went to a park between Buffalo and Muscatine. It's a really neat park. This coming summer you all need to pack a lunch, load up the family or just the hubby and go there (with out the cell phone). You'll enjoy yourselves. We sure did. Oh back to business...I love the embelly that says " Have passport will travel". We don't go anywhere that requires a passport, and this was the most exotic place we travel to this year (there was some sand and water) so I had to use it.

Once again I had trouble with my lighting indoors, so the pics of the layout are washed out. The top half of the bottom photo show the correct color. Sorry! Manufacturers are Stampin'Up, Heidi Grace, Memory Markers, Fancy Pants, and unknown.

Do I yammer on to much? Some times I wonder. Oh by the way the right page is my sketch for club. I bet your wondering "how did she get from the sketch to this". OK, somebody stop me.

Did you notice the mailing address according to the sign? Iowa Post Office, Blackhawk Purchase, Wisconsin Territory....can you imagine. I love it, the history that is. Ok, somebody slap me. My excuse.....sugar buzz.

Fourteen down and seventeen to go.


  1. Ohhhhh, I MUST get directions for here. It looks like photographers dream and I may be taking some customers on a few hikes this spring. :0)
    Love the layout and that SU paper.

  2. Great job! This looks like a beautiful place!

  3. ooh count me in for directions too, the kids would love it!!Love the layout, can't wait to see it in person!!

  4. 17 to go!!!! OMG I don't know if i'm going to make it!!! Love the layout Lisa