Saturday, May 23, 2009

May Week 3 -Challenges

Calendar - This is my attempt at the calendar challenge. I believe the back ground paper and flower are from Fancy Pants, all other paper is unknown from my stash. Title from American Crafts Thickers, Rivets are from Stampin' Up, and denim circle from a pair of my old tattered and now holey jeans. I hope that the right way to spell holey, meaning with holes I'm not trying to be irreverent.

Flowers - This was a quick digi page I did in a hurry on Thursday.

Update - Sorry again these are late. I had a reaction to some of the local anesthesia used during the test. I got an immediate migraine, my sinuses filled with fluid so I also had a sinus headache. My had so much pressure in my head that my eyes were constantly watering, my nose was like a hose, and all my teeth ached. I could feel each and every tooth throbbing. All this on top of that migraine. Basically I was miserable. To top it off I went to the test alone, so I had to drive my self home. I was never so glad to get home. I'm feeling a little better. The migraine is gone, my teeth stopped throbbing and my sinuses are starting to drain. Now I just feel like I have head cold and I look like Rudolph. The good news is that there is no blockage in my throat and my voice box is fine. Earlier test showed I have a hernia, acid reflux and a dysfunctional esophagus. So with a little acid controller, some weight loss and a few lifestyle changes it can get things under control.


  1. love your take on the calendar page!!!

  2. First, awesome layouts! Love how you did the pics on the blue jean one and the pictures are beautiful on the garden one!
    So sorry to hear about all the heath stuff you have going on. Hope they have it all figured out soon!

  3. I love the calander page. Nothing like a good pair of jeans. And the flowers are very pretty. Hope you feeling better.

  4. love your calendar page photos, what great views & hope everything works out with your health soon.

  5. What a neat way to lay this out - I have to agree with you. Jeans can't be beat!! Also very pretty garden pics!