Sunday, May 24, 2009

I would like your input.

I would like your input on MP3 players. Looks like I'm getting one for my B day coming up and I get to pick it out. I want to download tunes from the internet, from my pc and from music I already have on CD's. I haven't had one before so I am wondering what mp3 players you all have and what do you love and what do you hate about it. I would appreciate you help. Thanks.


  1. sorry, not much help here, the kids have cheapy nextar ones, that work good for them & my the computer challenged could put their cds on them easily

  2. We all have Ipods here. I love them. Yes, you have to buy Itunes cards (Walmart, Target, Hyvee all have them) or pay for your music via paypal or credit card. You can download from free websites, however, the Apple warranty is invalid if you get a virus from somewhere like Limewire (free site). So, I don't download there just because of the money investment and I'd hate to be out of a computer and an Ipod just because I wanted free music.

    I have uploaded all of our old CD's to Itunes, so I don't have to buy "old music" I already have. Songs range from .99 to $1.29, which is decent considering how many Cd's I bought in the good old days just for one song, lol! Plus, me and the girls and Lance listen to a lot of the same music, so I can download a song once and put it on all five Ipods and burn a CD for the van with it on it.

    My girlfriend has a Samsung (I think) Zune and she loves it, and its half the cost of an Ipod Nano. I think it's just what your willing to spend and how much you'll use it and want it to hold up. We put ours in the Ipod speakers when we're outside working or entertaining, jam it inside in the Ipod Home and use it when we work out. Good luck, and what a fun Happy Birthday present. I got mine for my birthday a couple of years ago and still use it all the time! :o)

  3. I got and Ipod for my b-day last year. I love it. It is with me when I mow, workout or riding the motorcycle. I only use I tunes or upload my own cds. Happy Birthday.

  4. Paul has a Zune. I did some research on the internet before purchasing one for his Bday last year and found out they are cheaper and rated higher by customers than the Ipod (although I have never used an Ipod so I can't say that first-hand). Although, now that we have a Zune we really do like it!! We download songs from the internet all the time and he has pics on it from our computer as well. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in. You will LOVE whatever you get. I love stealing his when I go on my runs - makes the time pass and I forget that I can't breathe!!