Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to the April challenges

I had the afternoon off and boy did I get some work done. I've completed all my April challenges. Woo Hoo!!!! This is my "Inspired by a quilt pattern" layout. I think it speaks for itself. It's simple. The bottom pic has the correct color.

Oh by the way, remember me telling how I was done with all my challenges well what I want to say is April Fools! You didn't believe me did ya? I'm not call "last minute lucy" for nothing.


  1. I love those old spools of thread and needle packets!! What a neat page! By the way - - I totally believed you - I thought - oh my goodness, how early did she get off work to get all of those pages done?! April Fools is hard on girls like me. :-)

  2. Beautiful layout! Any yep, you "had me at hello" with the whole April Fools day thing! Glad I wasn't the only one Ginger! :0)

  3. Man, I was thinking, great, I haven't even got me, albeit a little late :o) Love this, I can't wait to do mine, I already have it in my head!!