Monday, April 27, 2009

April Challenge - week 4 Inspired by a board game

Inspired by a board game – Do a layout that is inspired by a board game. Example: you could use a checkerboard background, you could embellish a page with a game piece or monopoly money, or you could do a page about your family’s game night. Let your imagination run wild.

I was inspired by the game "clue" when I was a little girl. I loved the thought of a house with hidden passages and having a mystery to solve. Patterned papers are from Stampin' Up, Fancy Pants, Card stock from Stampin' Up, adhesive from Xyron. I must confess the photos were not taken by me...but they captured the correct feeling I was looking for. I don't know who the photographers are but whoever you are ...Thank you!

What you may not know about me is that I grew up being scared on a regular basis. My father and his siblings grew up in a haunted house so they always enjoyed scaring the tar out of us kids, so the thought of a spooky house was normal to us. Maybe that should be the subject of my "It runs in the family page"


  1. too cool Lisa-love everything about this!! I'm back on board got scrappy tonight-finally i think out of my funk!!

  2. oh, that house would be a great Clue house!! love that could even have murder mysteries and all there. how awesome!! love it!

  3. Oh my, we are so alike!! Clue was my all-time favorite game when I was about Skyler's age. . .we didn't have it at home, so whenever I went to someone's house and they had it - we HAD to play it!! Love this lo!!