Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Challenge - Go Heritage

Here is my heritage challenge page. It's a page about my Grandma. She's gone now and this is something I never talked to her about. I mean I told her I loved her but she never wanted to talk about her struggles of raising her children. She would say "Let's not worry about the past, lets concentrate on today because today it full of possibilities." She was amazing! Digi supplies were from By the way Grandma loved Black-eyed-Susan's, so I had to add them to the page and she sewed all their clothes. Told you she was amazing!

Love ya Grandma, miss ya!


  1. This is FABULOUSLY the colors, the flowers, the photo....and wow, she sewed all the clothes. What a woman!

  2. This is so beatiful! You really do ROCK the heritage style pages!