Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Challenge #10 - Newest purchase

My newest purchases are the patterned paper from k i memories and more Thickers. This photo could have also been used as unflattering (because I have so many of those) but I have already done that challenge. You can read the journalling if you would like, I have it just below the lo pic.

When we were first married we would throw Aprils Fools Day parties. One year we threw a “come as you wouldn’t want to be caught dead” party.

Dennis dressed as a hippie. He wore a long black wig, bell bottoms, tie-died shirt, beads and tattoos that he drew on with mascara.

I wore everything mismatched, flowers and plaids, my makeup was different on each eye and lip, my hair was teased and I was chewing twelve pieces of gum at once.

Our party guests asked not to have their pictures taken because they had outrages outfits on. After all these years, one of them still stands out. It was Bugs. He came in a powder blue leisure suit, flowered shirt unbuttoned half way, glitter all over his chest and way to much cologne.

One family make sure they drove on back roads so no one would see them while the wife prayed they wouldn’t have a breakdown or flat tire.
We had a blast!

Wow It's hard to believe another week has come and gone. Only one more week in march and I have to get my two lo's and two bonus lo's done. I think I can do it. At last our taxes will be done by mid week, and I'm sure looking forward to that.


  1. OMG, hysterical. That sounds like so much FUN!!! Love this paper and the multi-colored title!!

  2. How fun does that sound, great paper & thicker choices

  3. This is so much fun! You guys are so cool and have done the coolest things!
    I love how you mixed up the thickers for the title!