Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Megan and now me.......

I was just minding my own business in grocery shopping at HyVee when I was surrounded by marshmallow bunnies. They just kept jumping into my cart, one after another. They just wouldn't leave me alone until I agree to take some of them home. I made a promise to those bunnies left behind. I'll try to help them all get good homes. So please, be aware there are homeless soft little peeps out there that need a good home. Lets not let them get old just sitting on selves. I'm partial to the yellow bunnies and I plan to do my part. How about you?


  1. This is too funny! Those darn hoppin bunnies! :0)
    And I love the fact that you had your camera with you at the grocery store!

  2. Me and my girls all LOVE those bunnies (and peeps)......yummy!!

  3. Here is a comment I received from Sherry.

    Ok I just have one question for you. Did you buy all those Peeps?

  4. No, I only bought four....... so far. Dennis just stood there shaking his head. To reply to Megan... I always have a camera in my purse. Doesn't everybody?

  5. Lisa - This was crackin me up - that is like my DREAM cart!! I LOVE those - I don't care what color. There are some in my basement (hidden Easter stash) right now that have been calling my name but I am TRYIN to wait until Easter. . .Actually I forgot they were there, but this post just reminded me about em - so they may no longer be safe :-)