Sunday, January 11, 2009

Challenge - Day 11

I was inspired by a lady who puts notes in her children's lunch boxes. So I decided to give it a try. I made 58 "love notes" and this tin to keep them in. I'm going to stash a love note to my husband, once a week for a year. Yes I can count, I made a few extras. After I write the love note ( on the back side) I'm going to put them in places like: sock drawer, medicine cabinet, fridge, you get the idea. I left them so I can make additions to them though out the year as my tastes change. I'm even going to put photo's on some as the year goes along. Paper, ink, stamps, and rub ons are from Stampin' Up. Every thing else is unknown, form the stash.

Just trying to decide if I should start now (for 2009) or wait until Valentines Day. Might be neat to give two sets to a newly married couple. One for him and one for her. To get him, I mean them started off right.

Eleven down, only twenty to go.


  1. this is so darling, & aren't you so sweet, i'm sure you will be making a happy husband!! Great idea for a wedding gift too!

  2. Love it, the notes, the tin all of it. Bring it this friday with ya so I can see it. Great job!

  3. Such a sweet idea! U. Dennis is a lucky guy! Great gift idea too!

  4. That is cool! I should do that for my girls! They love little notes in their lunch boxes.