Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You never know where you might find inspiration

Wow, it's so hard to believe that it has been almost two full months since I've done a post to this blog. The summer sure has a way of keeping me busy. Well enough of that now on to my inspiration. As most of you know I'm a tom boy not a girlie girl. I don't get into shopping for clothes, shoes, make-up or nail polish. Recently I was inspired. I found these cute flip flops. As you can see they're camouflage (my favorite color). So naturally I had to have them.

Then came the inspiration .... If I had a pair of girlie flip flops I should probably paint my toe nails. That meant I need to buy some polish. Should I get white, brown or green. (Insert light bulb here) I know I'll paint them camo!!!! Finley I found a way to be girlie and myself at the same time.

You should have seem my husband helping me pick out polish. I wish I would have taken a picture of him in the make-up aisle with several shade of polish in his hands. Oh well.

Monday, June 1, 2009

May Challenge - Cover Page

Here is my Cover Page Challenge. This one was really fun. I think everyone should try it. I did another digi page. This time I made it on it's side and then rotated it after it was done. I was unable to rotate background paper until it was saved, so if that happens to you save the background first.

Had a little trb getting this to post, so it might be a few minutes late. Sorry!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Challenge -Blue Collar Comedy

Here is my Blue Collar Comity Challenge. I chose to use Larry The Cable Guy as my inspiration. You know I never thought I would ever say that.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to use Larry the Cable Guys "That's funny" or "Git-R-Done" then I took this picture and I knew I could use both. There is no names on the picture to protect the innocent (and the guilty too).

Please don't hate me, I just couldn't help myself.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I would like your input.

I would like your input on MP3 players. Looks like I'm getting one for my B day coming up and I get to pick it out. I want to download tunes from the internet, from my pc and from music I already have on CD's. I haven't had one before so I am wondering what mp3 players you all have and what do you love and what do you hate about it. I would appreciate you help. Thanks.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

May Week 3 -Challenges

Calendar - This is my attempt at the calendar challenge. I believe the back ground paper and flower are from Fancy Pants, all other paper is unknown from my stash. Title from American Crafts Thickers, Rivets are from Stampin' Up, and denim circle from a pair of my old tattered and now holey jeans. I hope that the right way to spell holey, meaning with holes I'm not trying to be irreverent.

Flowers - This was a quick digi page I did in a hurry on Thursday.

Update - Sorry again these are late. I had a reaction to some of the local anesthesia used during the test. I got an immediate migraine, my sinuses filled with fluid so I also had a sinus headache. My had so much pressure in my head that my eyes were constantly watering, my nose was like a hose, and all my teeth ached. I could feel each and every tooth throbbing. All this on top of that migraine. Basically I was miserable. To top it off I went to the test alone, so I had to drive my self home. I was never so glad to get home. I'm feeling a little better. The migraine is gone, my teeth stopped throbbing and my sinuses are starting to drain. Now I just feel like I have head cold and I look like Rudolph. The good news is that there is no blockage in my throat and my voice box is fine. Earlier test showed I have a hernia, acid reflux and a dysfunctional esophagus. So with a little acid controller, some weight loss and a few lifestyle changes it can get things under control.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Sorry I didn't get my challenges posted by the deadline. I did the Flower challenge and the calender challenge. They are done but things are not going well for me right now. Had a test preformed today that didn't go as planned. Had the test done in the Dr s office this afternoon and I'm having a reaction to the meds used in the test. I'll be fine but for now I'm not feeling well. More details later and I post as soon as I can.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

May Challenge week 2 - Anything but scrapbooking

All the supplies are from Stampin' Up.

Thanks Missy for such a cute card idea.